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n. Informal
Variant of footsie.
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Karunakaran as the Kerala Congress maestro had mastered the art of playing "footsy" under the table with the RSS.
German-Russians kept to themselves, and supposedly didn't intermingle with the locals--except, of course, that rare Russian playing footsy with one of my ancestors.
"It feeds this narrative that somehow the Trump administration is playing footsy with Russia.
The Eagle and the Bear have been playing footsy for the last decade, daring and defying each other, testing the waters, employing brinkmanship.
Instead they play footsy with the Salafis in a game: A Government of National Unity.
The latest round of discussions with TNA and their rejection of a central power sharing arrangement through a second chamber, even before it has been discussed, shows that the TNA is playing footsy as they have been doing all along.
One of the women said the officer flirted with her and played "footsy" with her in the pool.