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Two girls were found on top of each other on the central console of the car, a 21-month-old boy was found in a footwell and his little brother was in a carry-cot, also in a footwell, the judge heard.
Osborne said Dave had jumped into the van under the railway bridge along Seven Sisters Road and got in the footwell, before switching with him, but denies knowing Dave was going to drive into pedestrians.
Darren Osborne said he was hiding in the footwell as Dave hit a crowd of Muslims in North London.
The model did not score a complete five stars as it showed unstable structural and footwell area performance in the frontal crash test, which also resulted in weak chest protection.
They searched the car and found the "very realistic" gun in the footwell.
When she returned a window was smashed and the bag had been taken from the footwell.
The drugs were hidden under the mat in the footwell of the front passenger seat.
It was a busy shift for the Cleveland and Durham Roads Policing Unit (RPU), as they also arrested a driver in South Bank who had a half-drunk pint of snakebite in the footwell of their car.
BECKBURY FRYER 77 Beckbury Fryer, Weoley Castle, B29 MY Cheap as Chips in-car scales have been riding in the footwell of my passenger seat recently.
The rest of her clothes were found in the car's footwell.
On the second occasion, just four days later, he pulled her head down into the footwell of his car and slapped her in the face twice.