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Of, relating to, or characteristic of a fop; dandified.

fop′pish·ly adv.
fop′pish·ness n.
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Noun1.foppishness - the manner and dress of a fop or dandy
personal manner, manner - a way of acting or behaving
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A little foppishness in a young man is good; it is human.
As to his dress, it was careful to the verge of foppishness, with high collar, black frock-coat, white waistcoat, yellow gloves, patent-leather shoes, and light-coloured gaiters.
Table 1 "Combination of selections" Effeminacy (mincing, limp wrists, lisping, flamboyant dress) Sensitivity (moodiness, a devotion to his mother, a tendency to show emotion in an unmanly way) Artistic talent or sensibility Misogyny Pederasty (as we shall see, this became the stereotypical formula for homosexual relationships, with its connotations of arrested development and pernicious influence) Foppishness Isolation (the homosexual's fate, if he or she remained alive at the final curtain) John M.
With his "well-ordered foppishness" (92), Westervelt becomes the parodic double of Coverdale, the would-be gentleman humorist: both of them secretive and semi-sarcastic, mocking rather than motivated by benevolence and sympathy.
He dressed like a dandy but his foppishness hid an inner toughness.
With a touch a foppishness.) new music, more foppish I'll say, without a madrigal, That having found my past ideal, I would have chosen you as bride, The mate to share my mournful days, My gauge of beauty and of good-- And been as happy as I could.