for a song

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 (sông, sŏng)
1. Music
a. A brief composition written or adapted for singing.
b. The act or art of singing: broke into song.
2. A distinctive or characteristic sound made by an animal, such as a bird or an insect.
a. Poetry; verse.
b. A lyric poem or ballad.
for a song Informal
At a low price: bought the antique tray for a song.

[Middle English, from Old English sang; see sengwh- in Indo-European roots.]


also Sung  (so͝ong)
A Chinese dynasty (960-1279). Its rule was marked by economic prosperity, technological innovation, and a flourishing of art and culture.

[Mandarin Sòng, named by its founder Zhao Kuangyin after Sòng, the medieval prefecture where the title of emperor was conferred upon him and where his army was located at the time (roughly the region around modern Shangqiu in Henan province), from Middle Chinese səwŋ`.]
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Adv.1.for a song - for a relatively small amount of moneyfor a song - for a relatively small amount of money; "we bought the house for a song"
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With her is Guy Blelloch, the director behind the "OOOUUU" video, and they're painstakingly putting together the final edit for the '90s-themed video for a song called "Get This Money." In the clip, M.A is surrounded by men from RedLyfe, and everyone is suited up in Tommy Hilfiger and Fila sweats, sipping 40s and throwing dominos for historical accuracy.