for all practical purposes

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Adv.1.for all practical purposes - in every practical sense; "to all intents and purposes the case is closed"; "the rest are for all practical purposes useless"
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On my first voyage as chief mate with good Captain MacW- I remember that I felt quite flattered, and went blithely about my duties, myself a commander for all practical purposes. Still, whatever the greatness of my illusion, the fact remained that the real commander was there, backing up my self-confidence, though invisible to my eyes behind a maple-wood veneered cabin-door with a white china handle.
It is certain, on the one hand, that the sterility of various species when crossed is so different in degree and graduates away so insensibly, and, on the other hand, that the fertility of pure species is so easily affected by various circumstances, that for all practical purposes it is most difficult to say where perfect fertility ends and sterility begins.
The dead don't sigh, and for all practical purposes I was that, except for the final consummation, the growing cold, the rigor mortis - that blessed state!
Besides, it will do you just as well as the one you're wearing, for all practical purposes."
When the day broke he had not slept, not for a moment, but he got up not very tired and quite sufficiently self-possessed for all practical purposes.
For all practical purposes; mathematical literacy in today's world, 7th ed.
For all practical purposes, the answer is rarely clear enough to merely say "no." Accordingly, this exclusion applies in very limited cases and does not provide significant relief for routine tax advice.
Yet in the final analysis, quantum physics and chaos are probably equally good sources of randomness for all practical purposes, Haahr says.
For all practical purposes, over two hundred freshmen a year are therefore not included in the library's extensive outreach programs for incoming students.
(Two of the four images in this portfolio are, for all practical purposes, "documentary": observed, and then shot in a session or two at most.) Of course, just how much--or little Wall fusses to achieve his ends is something he would rather we not think so hard about.
For all practical purposes, individuals wishing to be players on the world stage must have a mastery of the English language.
(I'll explain the "almost" in a moment.) For all practical purposes, they turn on the tap, and Colleague runs out.