for all the world

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a. The earth, especially together with the life it supports: a chemical found all over the world; an ecological disaster that could threaten the entire world.
b. The universe: how the ancients conceived the world.
a. Humankind considered as social beings; human society: turned her back on the world.
b. People as a whole; the public: The event amazed the world.
3. often World A specified part of the earth: the Western World.
4. A part of the earth and its inhabitants as known at a given period in history: the ancient world.
5. A realm or domain: the animal world; the world of imagination.
a. A sphere of human activity or interest: the world of sports.
b. A class or group of people with common characteristics or pursuits: the scientific world.
7. A particular way of life: the world of the homeless.
8. All that relates to or affects the life of a person: He saw his world collapse about him.
9. Secular life and its concerns: a man of the world.
a. Human existence; life: brought a child into the world.
b. A state of existence: the next world.
11. often worlds A large amount; much: did her a world of good; candidates that are worlds apart on foreign policy.
12. A celestial body such as a planet: the possibility of life on other worlds.
1. Of or relating to the world: a world champion.
2. Involving or extending throughout the entire world: a world crisis.
for all the world
In all respects; precisely: She looked for all the world like a movie star.
in the world
Used as an intensive: How in the world did they manage? I never in the world would have guessed.
out of this world Informal
Extraordinary; superb: The dinner was out of this world.
the world over
Throughout the world: known the world over.
world without end

[Middle English, from Old English weorold; see wī-ro- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adv.1.for all the world - under any circumstances; "she wouldn't give up her pets for love or money"
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بالضَّبْط، تَماما
minden tekintetben
sanki aynen/tıpkı imiş gibi


(wəːld) noun
1. the planet Earth. every country of the world.
2. the people who live on the planet Earth. The whole world is waiting for a cure for cancer.
3. any planet etc. people from other worlds.
4. a state of existence. Many people believe that after death the soul enters the next world; Do concentrate! You seem to be living in another world.
5. an area of life or activity. the insect world; the world of the international businessman.
6. a great deal. The holiday did him a/the world of good.
7. the lives and ways of ordinary people. He's been a monk for so long that he knows nothing of the (outside) world.
ˈworldly adjective
of or belonging to this world; not spiritual. worldly pleasures.
ˈworldliness noun
ˌworldˈwide adjective, adverb
(extending over or found) everywhere in the world. a worldwide sales network; Their products are sold worldwide.
World Wide WebWWWthe best of both worlds
the advantages of both the alternatives in a situation etc in which one can normally only expect to have one. A woman has the best of both worlds when she has a good job and a happy family life.
for all the world
exactly, quite etc. What a mess you're in! You look for all the world as if you'd had an argument with an express train.
out of this world
unbelievably marvellous. The concert was out of this world.
what in the world(?)
used for emphasis when asking a question. What in the world have you done to your hair?
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This is the force of the promise in these precepts: not the individual long life of a single person, and not a pie-in-the-sky promise for bliss in the afterlife, but a life and a world of quality and meaning sustained for us and our children after us, and for all the World.

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