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Adv.1.for one - as a particular one of several possibilities; "I for one feel very grateful"; "her mother for one was worried"
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Does one ever feel bereft when one picks up one's chips to light one's fire for one's evening meal?
Neither in the case of contraries, nor in the case of correlatives, nor in the case of 'positives' and 'privatives', is it necessary for one to be true and the other false.
For one night in each year it shall be as it was before the buck was killed--for thee and for thy children.
Yet for one night in the year the Hairless One fears the Tiger, as Tha promised, and never has the Tiger given him cause to be less afraid.
"For one night only does Man fear the Tiger?" said Mowgli.
Then, as we have many wants, and many persons are needed to supply them, one takes a helper for one purpose and another for another; and when these partners and helpers are gathered together in one habitation the body of inhabitants is termed a State.
I wonder what it feels like, for one to see so many people suffering, just so one can get things to go one's way.
The parallel statement of "Those who can't perform solo can always accompany" holds a similar false sense that the skills needed for one transfer completely to the other, and that accompanying or collaborative work are somehow secondary in stature to solo performance.
Many of them cannot quite articulate what it is they intuit about the nobility of marriage, but they seem to know that if marriage was something less than themselves, like a revocable and private contract, there would be nothing to aspire to; for one does not aspire to what is lower, but only towards what is higher and loftier.
She credits the publicity generated by the Philadelphia One Book for the subsequent decision by Buffalo, New York, and two other Pennsylvania counties to select The Price of a Child as their choice for One Book.
"During the past month we also saw a significant increase in smaller co-ops--50 units and less--[that] were proactively addressing their financing needs, ultimately accounting for one third of the loans originated during this period."
in choosing one God as one's God for one's group, only, at the expense of others!