n. Informal
An example: "Here's a for-instance that happened to me in Jackson" (Jean Anderson).
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Volunteerism is arguably the classic for-instance of the insight that while the Catholic church may have a priest shortage, it doesn't have any vocation shortage.
As a for-instance, Polkinghorne points to the homey phenomenon of a tea kettle boiling merrily on the stove.
A good for-instance is my recently acquired Japanese Type 14 8mm Nambu.
Here's a for-instance to start the ball rolling: I have, for the past 30 years, collected cats' whiskers.
An interesting for-instance came from Saul Friedman, who nominated Newsday and himself for "Act 2," the weekly section on retirement and elderly issues that carries his column "Gray Matters.
And he joins a clubhouse where change has brought more change and promises to bring more change before the Dodgers become pennant contenders again - as a for-instance, Garciaparra would be the Dodgers' fifth regular first baseman in five seasons.
We sell to 'The Sopranos,"' Whitney relates a for-instance, and he explains that the show buys library footage of exotic locations rather than incurring the expense of dispatching a unit to shoot in Hong Kong or Palermo or Colombia.
As a for-instance, in an issue of Nature awhile back, a Univ.
A for-instance would be the so-called Colt SAA Sheriff's Model with 3" barrel and no ejector rod or housing.
One illustrative for-instance, soon to return to the Mass: responding "and also with your spirit" rather than "and also with you" when the priest says, "The Lord be with you.
In the for-instance, the employee proposed, a player might be shipped to the minors for the third time, which the rules say would make him a free agent.