n. Informal
An example: "Here's a for-instance that happened to me in Jackson" (Jean Anderson).
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"Let me give you a for-instance. Had we had European Parliament elections in Cyprus in the 2004 timeframe, up to 80 per cent of Turkish Cypriots might have voted for Disy.
I'll give you a for-instance. When I was a young copy editor, I was a stickler.
Here's one major for-instance: Never have I ever watched on television even a single ball game of any sort.
Volunteerism is arguably the classic for-instance of the insight that while the Catholic church may have a priest shortage, it doesn't have any vocation shortage.
As a for-instance, Polkinghorne points to the homey phenomenon of a tea kettle boiling merrily on the stove.
A good for-instance is my recently acquired Japanese Type 14 8mm Nambu.
Here's a for-instance to start the ball rolling: I have, for the past 30 years, collected cats' whiskers.
Just one for-instance: Wyeth has challenged the logistics provider to find innovative ways to track temperature and location together-a combined data point that will add considerable value to the supply chain data stream.
An interesting for-instance came from Saul Friedman, who nominated Newsday and himself for "Act 2," the weekly section on retirement and elderly issues that carries his column "Gray Matters." Friedman wrote, "While other newspapers ignore or provide tokenism on issues facing the older population, Newsday and my column get down to the nitty-gritty of the so-called golden years."
Here's a not too extraordinary for-instance: A 50-year-old woman with a child in college has been a good and faithful employee in a plastic container factory in the Midwest.
One small for-instance: common nettles are ideal for caterpillars and wild angelica encourages slugs and snails, all good free nosh for avian visitors.