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n. pl. fo·ram·i·na (-răm′ə-nə) or fo·ra·mens
An opening or orifice, as in a bone or in the covering of the ovule of a plant.

[Latin forāmen, an opening, from forāre, to bore.]

fo·ram′i·nal (-răm′ə-nəl), fo·ram′i·nous (-nəs) adj.
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n, pl -ramina (-ˈræmɪnə) or -ramens
(Anatomy) a natural hole, esp one in a bone through which nerves and blood vessels pass
[C17: from Latin, from forāre to bore, pierce]
foraminal adj
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(fəˈreɪ mən)

n., pl. -ra•mens, -ram•i•na (-ˈræm ə nə)
a small opening, orifice, or perforation, as in a bone or in the ovule of a plant.
[1665–75; < Latin forāmen hole, opening =forā(re) to bore1, pierce + -men resultative n. suffix]
fo•ram•i•nal (fəˈræm ə nl) adj.
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A hole in a bone or between two body cavities.
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Noun1.foramen - a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structureforamen - a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure
foramen of Monro, interventricular foramen, Monro's foramen - the small opening (on both the right and left sides) that connects the third ventricle in the diencephalon with the lateral ventricle in the cerebral hemisphere
foramen magnum - the large opening at the base of the cranium through which the spinal cord passes
opening, gap - an open or empty space in or between things; "there was a small opening between the trees"; "the explosion made a gap in the wall"
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A foramen in transverse process is an important feature of the cervical vertebrae.
Table-1 also shows frequency of the apical foramen in the mesial and distal roots of mandibular first molars.
An imperative eminent landmark, the mental foramen (MF) and inferior alveolar canal shares their significance in various fields of dentistry.
Keywords: Accessory mental foramen, CBCT, Emergence pattern, Mental foramen, Position.
These structures are mostly available; however the Warwick's foramen and metoptic canal are less frequent [1-3].
Foramen ovale is an interatrial connection that enables rapid transiting of umbilical blood to the brain and vital organs without any further oxygen loss during intrauterine period.
(1,2) The piriformis divides the greater sciatic foramen into the suprapiriform foramen and infrapiriform foramen.
The study authors raised the possibility that patent foramen ovale, which was not accounted for as a possible confounder, may play a role in increasing the risk of stroke.
However, due to high crista iliaca, intervertebral foramen stenosis, transverse process, and sacral ala hypertrophy at L5-S1 level, the establishment of the working access remains a challenge.[2] Different surgical positions may produce influence on intervertebral foramen height.
In all except the seventh cervical vertebra, the foramen transversarium (FT) normally transmits the vertebral artery and vein and a branch from cervicothoracic ganglion (vertebral nerve).
The thyroid foramen (TF) is an opening located in one or both posterosuperior parts of the lamina of the thyroid cartilage and below the superior tubercle.