foramen of Monro

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Noun1.foramen of Monro - the small opening (on both the right and left sides) that connects the third ventricle in the diencephalon with the lateral ventricle in the cerebral hemisphere
foramen, hiatus - a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure
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Non-enhanced computed tomography (CT) scan revealed bilateral subependymal calcific nodules around the foramen of Monro and lateral ventricles consistent with TS (Figure I).
They are almost always located in the roof of the anterior third ventricle or often found immediately posterior to the foramen of Monro. and are the most common lesion intrinsic to the third ventricle.
A small ~8-mm well-defined, rounded T1-isointense and T2-hypointense signal intensity non-enhancing lesion was seen in the region of the foramen of Monro and in the anterosuperior aspect of the third ventricle, prompting the diagnosis of colloid cyst (Figure 2).
Therefore, regardless of the position of the stopcock or the level of the transducer (relative to the foramen of Monro), the bedside telemetry monitor will send a value to the EMR.
* Subependymal calcified tubers with possible subependymal giant cell ependymoma in the region of foramen of Monro. [Fig.
The symptoms may be intermittent, self-limiting, and nonspecifically apparent when the foramen of Monro is blocked temporarily by pendulous movement of the cyst or may be acute and severe presenting with acute hydrocephalus, brain herniation, and sudden death.
Coronal T2-weighted image (b) reveals a round hypointense lesion at the location of interventricular foramen of Monro (arrow in (b)).