foramen ovale

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foramen o·val·e

 (ō-văl′ē, -vā′lē, -vä′-)
An opening in the septum between the right and left atria of the heart, present in the fetus but usually closed soon after birth.

[New Latin forāmen ōvāle : Latin forāmen, opening + Medieval Latin ōvāle, neuter of ōvālis, oval.]
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foramen ovale

n foramen m oval; patent — — foramen oval permeable
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Once the needle enters the foramen ovale into Meckel's cavity, the C-arm was then rotated laterally to ascertain the depth of penetration.
Foramen ovale is an interatrial connection that enables rapid transiting of umbilical blood to the brain and vital organs without any further oxygen loss during intrauterine period.
The study authors raised the possibility that patent foramen ovale, which was not accounted for as a possible confounder, may play a role in increasing the risk of stroke.
Summary: For most people who have one, a patent foramen ovale is of no health consequence
It is located anteromedial to foramen ovale and lateral to foramen rotundum in middle cranial fossa.
Doctors told her the stroke was caused by a large hole in her heart, known as a patent foramen ovale, which she never knew existed.
CT reveals the bilateral foramen ovale (red arrows) and the foramen spinosum on the left (yellow arrow), which is absent on the right.
FRIDAY, July 27, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- For patients younger than 60 years who have had a cryptogenic ischemic stroke thought to be secondary to patent foramen ovale (PFO), who are open to all treatment options, PFO closure plus antiplatelet therapy is recommended over antiplatelet therapy alone, according to a clinical practice guideline published online July 25 in The BMJ.
All studies were unremarkable except for the echocardiogram, which revealed a positive bubble contrast study consistent with a patent foramen ovale (PFO) without an associated atrial septal aneurysm.
1A, B): foramen ovale (FO); foramen lacerum (FL); anterior tip of the occipital condyle (OC); medial external margin of the carotid canal (CC); medial margin of the jugular fossa(JF); medial external margin of the hypoglossal canal (HC); and anterior margin of the foramen magnum (FM).
Among these, the most significant papers and research interests are dysphagia rehabilitation in opercular syndrome in patients with stroke, aortic atherosclerosis, inflammation and stroke, stroke incidence, gender differences and stroke, stroke in women, homocysteine and stroke, patent foramen ovale and stroke, Takatsubo cardiomyopathy and transient general amnesia, and cerebral vasculitis.