Thyroid foramen

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the obturator foramen.

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The Incidence of the Foramen Thyroideum in the South African Population.
The frequency of occurrence of foramen thyroideum in the human larynx.
Opening (foramen) existing in one or both plates of the thyroid cartilage, which may or may not contain a neurovascular component is known as Foramen Thyroideum (FT).
(2) There is paucity of knowledge about foramen thyroideum in Indian population, so present study was undertaken to look for presence of foramina in thyroid cartilage (foramen thyroideum) and to note the position, symmetry, and presence of neurovascular bundle of the foramen.
Out of 60 larynges, foramen thyroideum was found in seven larynges (Table 1).
Leon et al reported in his study relation of foramen thyroideum to the oblique line, the foramen thyroideum (FT) was found in a variable position: below (28 cases), right at the upper end (four cases), and above the oblique line (nine cases).