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 (fər-băd′, -bād′, fôr-)
A past tense of forbid.


(fəˈbæd; -ˈbeɪd) or


the past tense of forbid


(fərˈbɪd, fɔr-)

v.t. -bade -bad -bid, -bid•den -bid, -bid•ding.
1. to command (a person) not to do or have something or not to enter some place.
2. to prohibit or bar (something); make a rule or law against: to forbid smoking.
3. to make impossible; prevent; preclude.
[before 1000]
for•bid′der, n.


(fəˈbid) past tense forbade (fəˈbad foː(r)ˈbeid) : past participle forˈbidden verb
to tell (someone) not to do something. She forbade him to go.
forˈbidden adjective
not allowed. Smoking is forbidden.
forˈbidding adjective
rather frightening. a forbidding appearance.
References in classic literature ?
Their tempers were mild, but their principles were steady, and while his parent so expressly forbade the connection, they could not allow themselves to encourage it.
Watson made up his mind that it was a form of gambling, forbade the game, and confiscated all the nibs in the boys' possession.
The Fatwa indicated as well that Sharia religiously forbids that a person does anything that frightens another person to the extent that Prophet Muhammad forbade referring with a hand to another person face even if he was joking.