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for·bear 1

v. for·bore (-bôr′), for·borne (-bôrn′), for·bear·ing, for·bears
1. To keep oneself from doing something; hold back; refrain: forbear from making a comment.
2. To be tolerant or patient in the face of provocation.
1. To refrain from; resist: forbore criticizing them.
2. To restrain oneself so as not (to do something): "He saw that she was preoccupied, and forbore to question her" (Thomas Hardy).

[Middle English forberen, from Old English forberan, to endure; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]

for·bear′er n.

for·bear 2

Variant of forebear.
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Trump has, therefore, emerged as the forbearer of a new world order different and distinct from Ronald Reagan's NWO vision.
Chief Technology Office Jonathan Hurst said he hasn't seen anyone react negatively when meeting Digit or a forbearer that lacked a torso and was simply a pair of piston-like legs attached to a motorized midsection.
"I have often said that people in Aberdeen don't realise quite the impact the city has abroad and it was an honour when I was presented with a coonskin cap like that of Alamo hero Davie Crockett - who may well have been a forbearer of mine."
Having the chairmanship of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, one of the largest and influential grouping of regional countries of which Pakistan is the member, Kyrgyz Republic is the forbearer and harbinger of regional peace and stability through its stable economic progress, democratic norms and futuristic outlook.
Just like its feline forbearer, Old Toffer's Book of Consequential Dogs is a whimsical collection of observational poems about personkind's best friends.
As a forbearer of today's woman, Manon is an important female figure in the arts.
As brilliant as Blind Date and Surprise, Surprise were, Cilla was a forbearer of the emerging, cutting edge, Merseybeat style many moons earlier.
For some misconstrued reasons, which earn those of Pagan Amum group a name of "Garang Boys," Amum immediately baptised himself, the forbearer of John Garang legacy.
In what might look like a ghostly homage, the car will be driven by Sir Malcolm's grandson Don Wales - also a Land Speed Record holder - dressed as his forbearer was.
Could then the forbearer of these religions not be heard of in these lands?
With on-location interviews and laid-back guest rapport, the reboot also hopes to be distinctly edgier than its Canadian forbearer.
This could be a forbearer of new technologies being used to match new architectures.