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(fɔːˈtɒpˌseɪl; nautical fɔːˈtɒpsəl)
(Nautical Terms) nautical a sail set on a fore-topmast


(ˌfoʊrˈtɒpˌseɪl, ˌfɔr-; Naut. -səl)

a topsail set on a foremast on a ship.
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Noun1.fore-topsail - the topsail on a foremast
topsail - a sail (or either of a pair of sails) immediately above the lowermost sail of a mast and supported by a topmast
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Besides these things, I took all the men's clothes that I could find, and a spare fore-topsail, a hammock, and some bedding; and with this I loaded my second raft, and brought them all safe on shore, to my very great comfort.