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fore·arm 1

tr.v. fore·armed, fore·arm·ing, fore·arms
To arm or prepare in advance of a conflict.

fore·arm 2

1. The part of the arm between the wrist and the elbow.
2. The corresponding part of the foreleg in certain quadrupeds, such as a horse.




[fɔːrˈɑːrmd] adj
forewarned is forearmed → un homme averti en vaut deux
References in classic literature ?
But, in spite of being thus forearmed, he entered his own house with anything but a courageous air; and appeared before the object of his misgivings, like a dog who was conscious of coming direct from the pantry.
Wearing ForeArmed allows workers and sports enthusiasts to continue to comfortably perform their jobs without adding stress to the affected area.
What is unique about ForeArmed is the active implants inside the brace that puts pressure on specific points of the forearm and helps to relieve pain," adds Cookston.