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A golf caddie who is positioned in the fairway and points out the location of balls on the course.


(ˈfɔːˌkædɪ) or


(Golf) golf a caddie who keeps track of all balls in play
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And 7 trillion rounds ago, our forecaddies brought forth on this continent a new playground, conceived by Robert Trent Jones, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal when it comes to spending as much time on the links as possible -- even when it seems totally inappropriate, like moments after making a solemn statement condemning the grisly murder of a 40-year-old American journalist beheaded by the Islamic State.
A few months ago, he worried where the volunteers would come from, close to 350 needed to serve as walking scorers, forecaddies, marshals, parking lot attendants and to fill so many other roles.
Forecaddies will also read the greens and track shots to reduce the number of lost balls, of which there will be many.
The Sewell Family of Dealerships will support the tournament by providing forecaddies from the Caddie Club.
Butland said that the rough areas were so thick and deep that even the marshals and forecaddies often had trouble locating golf balls that were hit just a few feet off line, away from the fairways, which he added were so smooth and manicured they looked and felt like the greens he plays on from North County courses.
People are needed to serve as walking scorekeepers, forecaddies, scorekeepers for various skills events and other duties.
His main contribution will be deciding how the course should be played and then passing that knowledge on to the forecaddies, who will lead players around.
We'll have volunteer forecaddies walk with the groups to tally their scores, help them find balls, and even suggest the proper club to use for the shots to keep the pace 'lively' through these holes.