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intr.v. fore·checked, fore·check·ing, fore·checks
To check an ice-hockey opponent in the opponent's own defensive zone.

fore′check′er n.


(ˈfɔːˌtʃɛk) ice hockey
(Hockey (Field & Ice)) the act of gaining control of the puck while at the opponents' end of the rink
vb (intr)
(Hockey (Field & Ice)) to try to gain control of the puck while at the opponents' end of the rink
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I compare him slightly to Dan Carlson in the way he works on both ends of the puck, he hounds pucks and is relentless on the forecheck.
You saw (Thursday) night that he was a really big factor for us, especially on the forecheck.
However, they methodically worked their way back into the game despite an impressive forecheck by Norton.
SKA are notable for their aggressive forecheck - they've netted at least four times in six of their last seven games and summer signing Kevin Dallman leads the league in goals by a defenceman.
The key was that he got in on the forecheck, the cycle got going, he capitalized on a goal - just gave us energy.
We took care of our own zone first, we got the puck in deep, and we took care of our forecheck," Richards added.
Skating four-on-four the Giants took the lead at 12:58 after a good forecheck by Mark Dutiaume and he put the puck on a plate for Todd Kelman to blast home past netminder Miroslav Bielik.
In hockey, a forecheck occurs when a player checks an opponent who's still on his end of the rink.
Got to keep the puck away from him on our dumps, on our forecheck.
It will be easier for us to be aggressive and forecheck.
We did a really good job chipping the puck into their zone and getting the forecheck going.
We'll defend well, conserve energy on the forecheck and try to take the chances we generate.