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intr.v. fore·checked, fore·check·ing, fore·checks
To check an ice-hockey opponent in the opponent's own defensive zone.

fore′check′er n.
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(ˈfɔːˌtʃɛk) ice hockey
(Hockey (Field & Ice)) the act of gaining control of the puck while at the opponents' end of the rink
vb (intr)
(Hockey (Field & Ice)) to try to gain control of the puck while at the opponents' end of the rink
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Cardiff players forechecked aggressively in their bid to fight back, while they fought hard to the end of a tough match.
"We just got every puck to the net, finished our checks and forechecked hard,'' Shrewsbury senior defenseman Sean Hallice said.
They forechecked us hard all night long and won the one-on-one battles.
The forwards forechecked with abandon while the defensemen pitched in to keep the puck in Algonquin's end.
"I don't know if they're quite happy with how they forechecked. We did a good job managing the puck and getting it out of the zone, but I think they're going to come a little bit harder and try to disrupt that."
The Colonials mustered only 13 shots against a stingy Tomahawks defense that routinely pressured the puck and forechecked consistently.
"He's able to produce without taking away the element of his game, which is forecheck and hitting, and the way he forechecked (today) gave us that tying goal that got us back in the game."
The power play was good, and we forechecked well," Pearl said.