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intr.v. fore·checked, fore·check·ing, fore·checks
To check an ice-hockey opponent in the opponent's own defensive zone.

fore′check′er n.


(ˈfɔːˌtʃɛk) ice hockey
(Hockey (Field & Ice)) the act of gaining control of the puck while at the opponents' end of the rink
vb (intr)
(Hockey (Field & Ice)) to try to gain control of the puck while at the opponents' end of the rink
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He is somebody who will crash the net, drive defencemen back and goes into forechecks hard.
I don't know that we've played against a team that forechecks like they do -- dumping the puck and sending two guys on us all night long,'' McCarthy said.
We need to get some more pucks to the net on forechecks and we're going to have to do a better job on transition having our (defensemen) get the puck up quicker.
He brings energy, he skates well, he forechecks well.
We went into the break and talked, and the kids made a conscious effort to come out and start moving their feet, get back into our forechecks and get back to what our strengths are.
The Mountaineers sustained their forechecks better and consistently had the puck inside the Clocker zone, putting 11 of its 30 shots on goal during the period.
For much of the game, the Tomahawks dictated the tempo, continuously working the puck inside the Gardner zone, performing well with their forechecks and forcing the Wildcats to play a bit off balance.