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Noun1.foredge - the part of a book that faces inward when the book is shelved; the part opposite the spine
book, volume - physical objects consisting of a number of pages bound together; "he used a large book as a doorstop"
part, portion - something less than the whole of a human artifact; "the rear part of the house"; "glue the two parts together"
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Endpapers wove or marbled; foredge and tail untrimmed.
Endpapers are heavy green stock; foredge and tail untrimmed.
Endpapers of heavy green paper; foredge and tail untrimmed.
A particular feature of the Islamic manuscript cover is the use of a pentagonal (or envelope) foredge flap that results in the books being almost completely enclosed (see figure 1; Bosch 1981: 55).
The placement of the ties seem to be on the spine or foredge of the cover, or on the apex of the pentagonal foredge flap (where in some cases any eyelet made in the cover's corner has been observed, either as a place to anchor a tie or to tread a tie through.) I have as yet not encountered anything in the literature on Islamic binding about such ties.