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Named previously; aforementioned.


(prenominal) named or mentioned previously; aforesaid


(ˈfɔrˈneɪmd, ˈfoʊr-)

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A multi-criterion method for the observed indicators from 2004 to 2011 was employed to evaluate the forenamed regions.
ARC would like to put on record its gratitude for the help and support it continues to be shown by all of the forenamed organisations.
To measure the facilitation, facilitation scale was adjusted and implemented in 14 items by studying the facilitative definition and function and modifying the items and the forenamed elements in the study [7] and The questionnaire's stability was attained 0.
Therefore wee pray your Lordships to giue direccion that a Commission may bee graunted to the forenamed Commissioners to heare and determine the foresaid Controuersies; And these shalbe sufficient warrant vnto your Lordships And soe wee wish your Lordships right hartely well to fare ffrom Whitehall the 13th of October.
It can be explained that the fibrous membrane with the mass ratio of 5/5 had a more fraction of the SF powder exposed in the surface of the SF/PU fibrous membranes than that with the mass ratio of 3/7, which was forenamed.
II) However, the solving methods of the two beamformer (or the optimization problem) is different, such as the forenamed solution to the QICLCMP beamformer.
Firstly, the potential benefits of forenamed tech nology such as easy accessibility to consumers independent of time and location, secure and private transactions, robustness, reduced transaction cost, competitive pricing and efficiency, streamlined busi ness process and reduce order processing time.
Class Act, February 17: An anonymous benefactor has named and forenamed all but one of the pupils of Crosland Moor Junior School, Class 4A, 1949.
In fact, by morbid coincidence, the exact same relatives who suffered from any one of these forenamed infirmities also suffered from all of the others, while the lucky relatives enjoyed excellent health.