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1. The chair and spokesperson for a jury: "A jury gives no reasons for its decision; it reaches a collective result, announced by the foreperson" (Hiller B. Zobel).
2. The leader of a work crew, as in a factory.


(ˈfɔrˌpɜr sən, ˈfoʊr-)

a foreman or forewoman.
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Noun1.foreperson - the presiding member of the jury and the one who speaks on their behalf
foreman - a man who is foreperson of a jury
forelady, forewoman - a woman who is foreperson of a jury
juror, juryman, jurywoman - someone who serves (or waits to be called to serve) on a jury


Someone who directs and supervises workers:
Informal: straw boss.
Slang: chief.
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questions may be directed to cary shinn, electrical/electronics foreperson, 936-468-3206, email: cshinn@sfasu.
Court records show, however, that grand jury foreperson said that Rose Banks, the Pastor of CSFC, was the target of the investigation.
The sentence was appealed on the grounds that the jury foreperson was biased and that the Judge had allowed prejudicial evidence from witnesses for the prosecution while excluding testimony from defense witnesses.
The researchers also observed the role of the foreperson for such variables as providing the opportunity to speak, requesting the basis of the argument, and mediating conflicts among jurors effectively.
In 1968, Marty started working for The College of the Holy Cross as a custodian and was promoted to working foreperson in 1970.
Mr Justice Weir told the jury that as the Crown was offering no evidence against the former policemen, he was directing the foreperson to return a "not guilty" verdict on behalf of both men.
98) Similarly, extroverted jurors are perceived as dominant, and, as a result, are more likely to be elected foreperson.
The 22-year-old foreperson confided he "wangled" the not-guilty hold-outs; once agreed on guilty for one count, all the others "fell like dominos.
In an interview with The Washington Post after the trial ended, the foreperson of the jury said, "There was no doubt in anyone's mind that these acts were committed.
With experience, you could be promoted to foreperson or supervisor, and work your way up to superintendent or operations manager.
The remaining kit supplied by Krones was manufactured ouse "Our lines are usually given a U-shaped layout", explains Bernhard Ran, Foreperson in the filling and packaging hall.
The trial court specifically asked the foreperson if, in accordance with the court's instructions, which count the jury considered first and the foreperson responded "Count 2.