adj. Archaic


a less common word for aforesaid


(ˈfɔrˌsɛd, ˈfoʊr-)

[before 1000]
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In each sector foresaid, fifty respondents were questioned about the status of food security in terms of land management, land scarcity, climate change and global warming effects, food production, distribution and postharvest technology for granary system, handicap of land fertility and probable factors that affect food insecurity in both districts.
The foresaid methodology utilizes inductive way of explaining the phenomenon under research.
To overcome the foresaid troubles, lifting axle is the best arrangement which is used by many of trucks manufacturing companies.
The project funds will be allocated to : a) financing energy conservation - promoting loans by financial institutions affiliated with Bangladeshs Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA) to private businesses in the industrial and commercial sectors to introduce energy conservation electronics , and b) consulting services to promote project implementation and for technical support for the foresaid energy conservation - promo ting loans
18) And if the objecters shall not be cleared and acquiesce, They shall take Instruments Containing their Objections against the admitting to, or excluding any person from the foresaid Roll
According to Sun and Greenberg (2000) cited by St-Laurent [9], traffic loads on the pavement induce inertial effects that must be supported by foresaid pavement.
During the term of the Specific Cooperation Agreement, BGI Clinical will provide all sorts of technical support, training and promotion materials on the foresaid services to the Company.
Under the foresaid machining cases, 3D models become inevitable to get the actual physical apprehension of ongoing processes.
Dalton Grange was built in 1870 by Henry Brooke who was at that time head of J H Brooke and Sons, cloth manufacturers of the foresaid mills.
Besides, the company's two foresaid brands are still predominantly positioned in the less dynamic traditional range.
Arguably a stronger case for this thesis and the foresaid practices and forms of life, which is linked both to Goethe's vision and Emerson's idea of uber, is made by Nietzsche the formative philosopher.
Related to our discussion in the above section, our framework architecture fully covers the foresaid issues, in a professional and monitored way.