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tr.v. fore·saw (-sô′), fore·seen (-sēn′), fore·see·ing, fore·sees
To imagine or know as a probable occurrence; anticipate or predict: foresaw economic decline.

fore·see′a·ble adj.
fore·se′er n.


(fɔrˈsi ə bəl, foʊr-)
occurring within a reasonably short time from the moment of utterance.
fore•see`a•bil′i•ty n.
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Adj.1.foreseeable - capable of being anticipated; "foreseeable costs were well within the budget"
predictable - capable of being foretold
مُمْكِن التَّكَهُّن بِه أو رؤيَتَه


[fɔːˈsiːəbl] ADJ [opportunity] → previsible
in the foreseeable futureen un futuro previsible


[fɔːrˈsiːəbəl] adjprévisible
in the foreseeable future → dans un avenir prévisible
for the foreseeable future → dans un futur proche


adjvoraussehbar, absehbar; in the foreseeable futurein absehbarer Zeit


[fɔːˈsiːəbl] adj (opportunity) → prevedibile
in the foreseeable future → nell'immediato futuro


(foːˈsiː) past tense foreˈsaw (-ˈsoː) : past participle foreˈseen verb
to see or know about before or in advance. He could foresee the difficulties.
foreˈseeable adjective
able to be foreseen. in the foreseeable future (= soon; within a short space of time).
ˈforesight (-sӕit) noun
the ability to see in advance what may happen and to plan for it. She had the foresight to drive carefully in case the roads were icy.
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THE flood-stricken Conwy Valley railway line will be shut for the "foreseeable future" in the aftermath of Storm Gareth.
The decision clarified the broad application of the economic-loss doctrine to bar economic damages that are foreseeable under a contract, incorporating contract terms in its analysis.
Management does not intend to provide financial guidance beyond 2019 at this time but intends to target distribution coverage of at least 1.2 times for the foreseeable future.
Where a school allowed a 16-year-old student to drive himself, other students and a coach from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls for a cross-country meet, the school's misfeasance created a foreseeable risk of injury, the Supreme Court held in Fenrich v.
08-98670, 5 pages) that the misuse was reasonably foreseeable. It again reversed the Oakland County Circuit Court and remanded the case for further proceedings.
Both are expected to remain very high for the foreseeable future.
The bank's backer, Gordian Knot, has decided to withdraw the application for FGTB 'for the foreseeable future.'
NIALL Horan says One Direction are already in talks to reunite "in the foreseeable future".
The was as it foreseeable jusTIcE He said: "But as a substantially contributory cause as a result of a door-closing mechanism failure, it did.
Synopsis: In the U.S., 41% of non-homeowners do not expect to buy a home in "the foreseeable future," up from 31% two years ago.
Chickanos, which has outlets at Union Street in Huddersfield and in Dewsbury and Batley, are keen to support the food bank for the foreseeable future.