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tr.v. fore·shad·owed, fore·shad·ow·ing, fore·shad·ows
To present an indication or a suggestion of beforehand; presage: hostilities that foreshadowed all-out war.

fore·shad′ow·er n.
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One that indicates or announces someone or something to come:
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Mackenzie, on the other hand, Julia is less a bringer of doom than a foreshadower of it.
Read it twice, and you'll discover that Langer, unlike his unworldly protagonist, is a subtly cunning foreshadower of plot and theme." ELLA TAYLOR
The Black Knight resembles of course a conventional courtly lover, also torn between the contrary feelings of pleasure and pain, but the point is that he is not, strictly speaking, a lover, the object of his love having disappeared, which is why he can become an embodiment of a melancholy man hiding a painful secret, the Prince of Denmark's foreshadower.