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1. (Zoology) the top of the front leg of an animal
2. (Cookery) a cut of meat from this part
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n., v. shinned, shin•ning. n.
1. the front part of the leg from the knee to the ankle.
2. the lower part of the foreleg in cattle.
3. the shinbone or tibia, esp. its sharp edge or front portion.
v.t., v.i.
4. to climb (a pole or the like) by holding fast with the legs after drawing oneself up with the hands.
[before 1000; Middle English shine, Old English scinu, c. Middle Dutch, Middle Low German schēne, Old High German scina shin, needle]


(ʃin, ʃɪn)

the 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
[1895–1900; < Hebrew shīn, akin to shēn tooth]
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Noun1.foreshank - a cut of meat from the upper part of a front leg
shank - a cut of meat (beef or veal or mutton or lamb) from the upper part of the leg
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Different parts including the chuck, rib, short loin, sirloin, round, brisket, foreshank, and short plate fetch very different market prices,' he said at the Mugie annual Rangelands Agriculture show in Laikipia.
Rack, breast, shoulder and foreshank were obtained from the fore-saddle, and the loins, flank and leg from the hindsaddle.
The weights and body measurements (body length, height at withers, chest depth, heart girth and foreshank circumference) were determined and recorded at birth, weaning and 4 months of age.