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Noun1.forest fire fighter - an official who is responsible for managing and protecting an area of forestforest fire fighter - an official who is responsible for managing and protecting an area of forest
coyote - a forest fire fighter who is sent to battle remote and severe forest fires (often for days at a time)
fire fighter, fire-eater, firefighter, fireman - a member of a fire department who tries to extinguish fires
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
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A second forest fire fighter lost his life battling the fire in the Solea region, situated along the main Nicosia--Troodos road, the Police said on Tuesday.
As a forest fire fighter with 18 years experience and a fire prevention officer with 12 years experience, I can say that there is no Smokey poster or commercial that states, "All forest fire is bad." There is also no poster or commercial that says, "Prescribed fire, either natural or human-started, is bad for the forest." There is no poster that says, "Forest fire is not part of the ecosystem."
They are trained as veld and forest fire fighters and are stationed in more than 200 teams throughout South Africa.
Forest fire fighters would find drones useful for spotting fires and for establishing communication links in remote areas.
Wincligo Catering LP has been expanding operations and has recently been awarded a Janitorial Contract with the City of Thunder Bay Police (Balmoral Station) and has been selected as the Primary Supplier by the Ministry of Natural Resources to provide Camp Cooking Services to its Emergency Forest Fire Fighters.
Collins gave a ministerial statement concerning the delay in payment of wages to forest fire fighters. The statement immediately followed a Question Period debate in which Ms.

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