forest god

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Noun1.forest god - one of a class of woodland deitiesforest god - one of a class of woodland deities; attendant on Bacchus; identified with Roman fauns
Greek deity - a deity worshipped by the ancient Greeks
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From the first sensation of chilling fear Clayton passed to one of keen admiration and envy of those giant muscles and that wondrous instinct or knowledge which guided this forest god through the inky blackness of the night as easily and safely as Clayton would have strolled a London street at high noon.
"But it did, Miss Porter," replied Clayton; "or at least if not a human throat that of a forest god."
He saw the forest god or demon rise from the vanquished foe, and placing a foot upon the still quivering carcass, raise his face to the moon and bay out a hideous cry that froze the ebbing blood in the veins of the witch-doctor.
There were fifty sleek, black warriors, and in their midst, lithe and active as a young forest god, strode Tarzan of the Apes, his brown skin contrasting oddly with the ebony of his companions.
Some of them there had glimpsed this forest god before and they drew back in terror, awed by the presence which they had for some time believed to possess the miraculous powers of a demon; but others there were who pushed forward, thinking only of the capture of an enemy, and these leaped into the pit and lifted Tarzan out.
Balancing lightly upon a swaying branch he stood, a graceful statue of a forest god, listening intently.
No one can ever forget the enchanting scene of the death of the last Forest God in the same movie.
And creatures such as the beautiful but terrifying angel of death, the scroll-holding shop owner and the forest god are simply awe-inspiring.
Well, after watching the scene in which Moley is lost in the woods at night after being lured by the mischievous forest god Pan the Faun you will know that I am right.
ACCORDING to Guarani legend a forest god planned to take a beautiful Indian girl, Naipi, as his sacrificial wife.