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Variant of forswear.
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1. another word for forswear
2. (Law) another word for forswear
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v. -swore, -sworn, -swearing. v.t.
1. to renounce under oath; abjure: to forswear one's sinful ways.
2. to deny vehemently or under oath.
3. to perjure (oneself).
4. to swear falsely; commit perjury.
[before 900]
for•swear′er, n.
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Verb1.foreswear - do without or cease to hold or adhere to; "We are dispensing with formalities"; "relinquish the old ideas"
kick, give up - stop consuming; "kick a habit"; "give up alcohol"
2.foreswear - turn away from; give up; "I am foreswearing women forever"
disclaim - renounce a legal claim or title to
abandon, give up - give up with the intent of never claiming again; "Abandon your life to God"; "She gave up her children to her ex-husband when she moved to Tahiti"; "We gave the drowning victim up for dead"
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also foreswear
1. To give up a possession, claim, or right:
2. To make untrue declarations:
Law: perjure.
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"Our provision of foreign assistance is a tool of US power and influence, and we're not going to foreswear that just because we have the obligation to impose some sanctions against Russia," the official said.
Trump wants to replace the JCPOA with a 'comprehensive' agreement binding Iran to foreswear fissile material production forever; accept intrusive inspections of Iranian nuclear and military facilities; and freeze its long-range missile programme.
To do so, to respond to this imperative, my view is that we need to foreswear further NATO growth and make room and arrangements for Ukraine to trade well with both Europe and Russia, while posing a security threat to neither--and to have the space and peace and quiet it needs to try to reunite, recover, reform and succeed.
Complications ensue, with this moral dilemma at the center: should the detainees swear allegiance to the United States and foreswear any to the Japanese emperor?
He proposed a chivalrous code of conduct for outer space security that essentially asks all capable militaries to voluntarily foreswear making space a shooting gallery and instead focus on:
If the offender made a degrading claim against your person, symbolically saying, "I count but you do not," then his apology can be an attempt to retract that claim, to say, "I was wrong, you do count." In light of this retraction, you have articulate grounds to foreswear resentment that do not compromise your judgment of the offense, the offender, or yourself.
It is a pride that I shall never foreswear. It is a pride that will be with me till the day I die for I am proud to be the son and grandson of back-street Brummie and I am proud to belong to their people.
First, any physician who chooses to enter into a private contract with a patient must foreswear all Medicare reimbursement for a two year period.
Are we to foreswear the punishment of sexual assault by penal confinement?
Medevedev can write freely about his contemporaries because he is prepared to foreswear the status or material advantages they might offer him.
Britain, which in recent weeks had pushed European countries to abstain on the statehood vote, has requested that Palestinians foreswear applying to the ICC in return for changing the British vote to a "yes".