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tr.v. fore·told (-tōld′), fore·tell·ing, fore·tells
To tell of or indicate beforehand; predict.

fore·tell′er n.
Synonyms: foretell, augur, divine, prophesy
These verbs mean to tell about something beforehand by or as if by supernatural means: foretelling the future; augured a scandal; divined the enemy's victory; prophesying a stock-market boom. See Also Synonyms at predict.
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A person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means:
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This inverted yield curve has historically been a foreteller of upcoming recession.
As an architect, it's my role to play foreteller and somewhat predict which trends will come into fruition so I can understand the evolving needs of clients, and design accordingly to suit their lifestyle.
It is mentioned in it that the bad time is a foreteller of good days.
It's theorized that this hidden creature may be a fox in honor of the Foreteller named Ava from Kingdom Hearts 2.8.
Multiple Australian Group One winner Foreteller features in her family tree and as a daughter of Dansili, hopes will surely be high for the John Gosden-trained filly.
I am hopeful the killers will be arrested soon but I am not a Faqir (foreteller), so that I may tell exact date, Qaim said.
And whoever pronounces the ego hale and holy and selfishness blessed, indeed, he tells what he knows, this foreteller: 'Look, it is coming, it is near, the great noon!'" (Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None, loc.3229-3237)
Someone has to become the foreteller of the future, and they start leading people toward it.
The son of young sire Snitzel defied odds of 20-1 when breaking his maiden in the Group 1 event, beating top-class runners as Foreteller, Fiorente, It's A Dundeel and Seville in the process.
From aggressive combatant and foreteller of death, to tranquil garden friend and eloquent songster, it's easy to see why the bird that adorns Christmas cards holds such fascination.
Journalists are in fierce competition to be the best foreteller and to be the first to break the news, even at the expense of credibility.