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Deliberation, consideration, or planning for the future; foresight.

fore′thought′ful adj.
fore′thought′ful·ly adv.


(fɔrˈθɔt fəl, foʊr-)

full of or having forethought.
fore•thought′ful•ly, adv.
fore•thought′ful•ness, n.
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Adj.1.forethoughtful - thoughtful of the future; "careful forethoughtful planning"
provident - providing carefully for the future; "wild squirrels are provident"; "a provident father plans for his children's education"
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According to a statement issued here on Tuesday, the PML-N Joint Secretary Karachi Division Noor Khan Akhunzada has said that due to the forethoughtful policies of the Prime Minister Mohammed Nawaz Sharif once again Karachi has become a city of lights.
In the first aspect, first in a travel to Iraq he attempted to change the mental field of society as well as communication with the Shiite authorities in Najaf and receiving their Esteftaats, thus when he went to the Atabat Aliat in Iraq asked Shiite supreme jurist, Sheikh Morteza Ansari, 14 questions about the way of Muslims' behavior; and in all cases Sheikh Ansari, who was a forethoughtful jurist, in all cases forbade to disrespect the sanctity and to harass the Zoroastrian tribe, and only allowed to get the legal fine or taxes with the local jurist.
This forethoughtful approach to learning influences students' performance phase processes, such as the use of task/learning strategies and comprehension monitoring.