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 (fôr-ĕv′ər-môr′, fər-)
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(fɔrˌɛv ərˈmɔr, -ˈmoʊr, fər-)

forever hereafter.
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Adv.1.forevermore - at any future time; in the future; "lead a blameless life evermore"
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I must have that girl, dad, or this town is a blackjack swamp forevermore. And I can't write it--I can't do that."
Craven found out about the open door he would be fearfully angry and get a new key and lock it up forevermore. She really could not bear that.
Day after day and night after night we have wandered among the crumbling wonders of Rome; day after day and night after night we have fed upon the dust and decay of five-and-twenty centuries--have brooded over them by day and dreampt of them by night till sometimes we seemed moldering away ourselves, and growing defaced and cornerless, and liable at any moment to fall a prey to some antiquary and be patched in the legs, and "restored" with an unseemly nose, and labeled wrong and dated wrong, and set up in the Vatican for poets to drivel about and vandals to scribble their names on forever and forevermore.
And then, when I was leaning over the bridge, it just slipped through my fingers--so--and went down--down--down, all purplysparkling, and sank forevermore beneath the Lake of Shining Waters.
Now and forevermore, those characters, along with veterans like Rhodey, Reed Richards, and Ben Grimm will be said to have fought in the Siancong War, a single conflict that will hang perpetually about 15 years behind current continuity -- and about which you'll read more someday soon."
Although we are sadly oppressed, our voices shall be free-willed and deafening and our hearts forevermore true and fearless.Should you ever forget, remember, we all share a thread of the divine and are meant only for the sublime.
De Venecia said local films and soap operas are also significant tourism contributors following the success of That Thing Called Tadhana and Forevermore, drawing thousands of tourists in Sagada and La Trinidad, Benguet, respectively.
Yet Brexiteers expect us to believe that the narrow referendum result - based on all sorts of, often bigoted, extraneous issues - was sacrosanct and is forevermore.
class="instagram-media" data-instgrm-captioned data-instgrm-permalink= These are just some of the updates the "Forevermore" star has recently shared on Instagram about her injured finger that has been the cause of her retreat from shooting Star Cinema's remake of iconic superhero movie, "Darna." "Hi everyone!!!
It must never appear to be yours in any way, because it is always and forevermore mine!"
The two were first paired in the 2013 Star Cinema film "She's The One." Their onscreen chemistry rose to prominence from then on, appearing on several TV series such as "Forevermore," "Dolce Amore," and "Bagani;" then in movies like "Just The Way You Are," "Everyday I Love You," and "My Ex And Whys."