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Either of a pair of anterior wings of a four-winged insect.


(Zoology) either wing of the anterior pair of an insect's two pairs of wings


(ˈfɔrˌwɪŋ, ˈfoʊr-)

either of the front smaller pair of wings of an insect having four wings.
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Noun1.forewing - either of the anterior pair of wings on an insect that has four wings
wing - a movable organ for flying (one of a pair)


nVorderflügel m
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Fringe of cilia on forewing straight (black arrows) (adult Scirtothrips dorsalis).
The underside is largely the same on the forewing but the hindwing is mostly yellowish-white.
Description: This butterfly is commonly known as akk butterfly, plain tiger or African monarch, they are generally brown in appearance with white markings at apical part of forewing, both forewings and hindwings have fringe of dark brown with small uneven spots, mid of hindwing with three spots.
The group is divided into two tribes, Dacnusini and Alysiini, which are separated by the absence (Dacnusini) or presence (Alysiini) of r-m vein in the forewing (Wharton, 1980); both have approximately the same number of species, however Alysiini contains 31 of the 41 genera occurring in the New World (Wharton, 1994).
The sheet is used as part of a pavillion in the central garden of the museum, which is inspired by the forewing shells of flying beetles known as 'elytra' and constructed using a novel robotic production process using Kuka robots.
The Valkyrie is a canard aircraft, equipped with a forewing to prevent the plane from stalling in the air.
Patterns on the dorsal and ventral wing surfaces are frequently quite dissimilar and those of the forewing and hindwing are also different.
Standard measurements were taken, on parts on the slides, with a filar micrometer mounted on the optic microscope; abbreviations of parts measured are as follows: FW: length of right forewing, HW: length of right hindwing, F, T, t1 and t2: lengths of femur, tibia, and tarsomeres 1 and 2 of right hind leg, f1 .
001 to 500 g, the length and width of the right forewing and abdomen (cm), the length, width and height of the thorax (cm) by using a caliper accurate to 0.
This species has a wingspan of around 5cm and the male is largely orange yellow with broad dark borders to the wings and a prominent black spot on each forewing (the female African Migrant is similarly orange yellow but lacks the dark borders).
The Vip3A resistant sub population showed higher FA value for forewing, hindwing and tibia length than the susceptible sub population.
Body shining black; scape, pedicel, ring segment, first funicular segment, all tarsi, bases and apices of fore and mid tibiae, and bases and apices of fore and mid femora dark brown; mid region of fore tibia, fore femora, mid tibia and mid femora liver brown; hind femur light brown; hind tibia liver brown with apex testaceous; eyes transparent (dirty white) with small blackish spots; Forewing hyaline (transparent) with veins pale brown.