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Either of a pair of anterior wings of a four-winged insect.
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(Zoology) either wing of the anterior pair of an insect's two pairs of wings
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(ˈfɔrˌwɪŋ, ˈfoʊr-)

either of the front smaller pair of wings of an insect having four wings.
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Noun1.forewing - either of the anterior pair of wings on an insect that has four wings
wing - a movable organ for flying (one of a pair)
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nVorderflügel m
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Speyeria diana females are slightly larger on average than males, with the average male forewing of S.
As can be seen from John's photo, the lime hawkmoth has a distinctive forewing, which is various shades of pink and green.
The morphological terminology follows Olmi and Virla (2014), except for the forewing radial vein, herein termed as Rs; the integument sculpture follows Eady (1967).
Veins on clavus (Pcu and 1An) of forewing of about same thickness as Cu on the corium (Figs.
(2015) diagnosed the family Meessiidae based on the following adult characters: small moths (wingspans 3-12 mm); forewing relatively slender and tapering, venation of hindwing reduced, male genitalia symmetrical, and the long oviscapt of female genitalia with posterior apophyses nearly 3 times longer than the anterior apophyses (Regier et al.
It is characterized by the stalked ocelli and compound eyes, pronotum with umbelliform process dorsally, not concealing the scutellum or the forewings in repose; the forewing and hindwing with one r-m and one m-cu crossvein; tibiae not foliaceous; metatibiae with cucullate setae in row II, first tarsomere has one cucullate setae apically and the abdomen without conspicuous punctuation (Deitz, 1975; Flynn, 2014).
They are easy to spot being white, with half of their forewing orange, with light grey wingtips.
The genus was provisionally placed in Philopotamidae [17] based on similarities in forewing venation and additional species have been included [18].
Wings uniformly black; in forewing, vein M meets Sc+R apical to Sc; veins M and Rs+M meet Sc+R at nearly the same point; Sc of forewing perpendicular to Sc+R and not parallel with vein M; basal anal cell of forewing present (Smith, 1992).
The underside is largely the same on the forewing but the hindwing is mostly yellowish-white.
Description: This butterfly is commonly known as akk butterfly, plain tiger or African monarch, they are generally brown in appearance with white markings at apical part of forewing, both forewings and hindwings have fringe of dark brown with small uneven spots, mid of hindwing with three spots.
The sheet is used as part of a pavillion in the central garden of the museum, which is inspired by the forewing shells of flying beetles known as 'elytra' and constructed using a novel robotic production process using Kuka robots.