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inventories of two jewelry stores were forfeitable because jewelry sales
Germany has time restrictions on how long it can restrain forfeitable assets for foreign proceedings and may only be able to hold such assets for one year.
That capital serves as a forfeitable collateral bond that induces suppliers to provide expected levels of quality in order to stay solvent over the long term.
And while "rights" occurs in some medieval authors, as Brian Tierney has recently shown, (24) the "rights" in question never appear as unconditional, but are always circumscribed by law, are contingent on the prior performance of duties, and hence are forfeitable.
prosecuting forfeitable offenses have the utterly predictable effect of
The government's complaint is deficient on its face because it does not provide any facts, much less facts supporting a reasonable belief that it could prove the property forfeitable at trial," Cassinelli wrote in her motion to dismiss.
Dein rejected that argument, concluding that the connection between the property and the drug offenses was not substantial enough to make it forfeitable under federal law.
And, where forfeitable funds are traced to a financial institution in a country that will not cooperate with the United States, DOJ can authorize the use of Section 981 (k), a Patriot Act provision, which permits the seizure from a U.
The Patriot Act also broadened the government's forfeiture power to make clear that it is the mere deposit of forfeitable funds in a foreign bank--and not the continued presence of the funds in the foreign bank account at the time of the seizure--that triggers the forfeitability of funds in the U.
The Eleventh Circuit joined other circuits in holding that restricted shares paid as the proceeds of a business sale were includible in income in the year the shares were placed into escrow for the benefit of the selling partner, even though the shares could not be fully withdrawn for nearly five years, were subject to restrictions on sale, and were forfeitable if the individual partner breached an employment agreement, voluntarily quit, or was terminated for cause or poor performance.
2011, David Marock was awarded forfeitable restricted shares