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 (fər-gĕt′fəl, fôr-)
1. Tending or likely to forget.
2. Marked by neglectful or heedless failure to remember: forgetful of one's responsibilities.
3. Causing one to be unable to remember.

for·get′ful·ly adv.
for·get′ful·ness n.
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Adv.1.forgetfully - in a forgetful manner; "she is getting old and acts forgetfully"
مُتناسِيا، بِنِسْيان
gleymskulega, gálaust


(fəˈget) past tense forgot (fəˈgot) : past participle forgotten (fəˈgotn) verb
1. to fail to remember. He has forgotten my name.
2. to leave behind accidentally. She has forgotten her handbag.
3. to lose control of (oneself), act in an undignified manner. She forgot herself and criticized her boss during the company party.
forˈgetful adjective
often forgetting. She is a very forgetful person.
forˈgetfully adverb
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The Tory leader has the strategic brain of a goldfish swimming forgetfully around a bowl.
Sometimes people forgetfully take the cell phone to the lavatory and it rings, which is unintended disrespect to the words of Allah.
There are many enchanting distractions that have the potential to turn us into beasts, forgetfully oblivious to the demands of our homeward journey.
It's this simple: Get into a car's glove box, take the valet key that was forgetfully left in the owner's manual and drive away.
Pimples is at first wounded when Juan forgetfully uses the nickname he hates, but forgives him when he starts calling him Kit again.
Many seniors do not have the storage, can't use up the food before it spoils, and after forgetfully burning up pans or getting totally disenchanted with large pots of food that they've been eating for days, just lose their appetites and stop wanting to cook," said Walrod, a member of a local gleaning group.
That involved eliminating the old speakers, which patrons used to clip to the windows of their cars and often forgetfully drove off with, usually breaking both the speakers and the windows.