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 (fər-gĕt′fəl, fôr-)
1. Tending or likely to forget.
2. Marked by neglectful or heedless failure to remember: forgetful of one's responsibilities.
3. Causing one to be unable to remember.

for·get′ful·ly adv.
for·get′ful·ness n.
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Adv.1.forgetfully - in a forgetful manner; "she is getting old and acts forgetfully"
مُتناسِيا، بِنِسْيان
gleymskulega, gálaust


(fəˈget) past tense forgot (fəˈgot) : past participle forgotten (fəˈgotn) verb
1. to fail to remember. He has forgotten my name.
2. to leave behind accidentally. She has forgotten her handbag.
3. to lose control of (oneself), act in an undignified manner. She forgot herself and criticized her boss during the company party.
forˈgetful adjective
often forgetting. She is a very forgetful person.
forˈgetfully adverb
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In other words, credit cards and even just the suggestion of credit cards, influence us to spend more, more quickly, more carelessly, and more forgetfully than we would otherwise," they write.
Forgetfully, I pressed the button to lower the window behind me.
Immersion in the stream of existence may explain why Cash, Jewel, and, finally, all the others act so forgetfully of Addie once they bury her body in the ground.
Such labeling can be a get-out-of-jail-free card when we behave impulsively, unemotionally, or forgetfully --neglecting the anniversary bouquet is perhaps more easily excused when committed by an unapologetic "left-brainer," as is the rash behavior of the family's artsy black sheep.
The Tory leader has the strategic brain of a goldfish swimming forgetfully around a bowl.
Posteriormente cambia new por your (laughter) y no se decide entre las frases (incessantly and forgetfully, unwillingly and incessantly) para finalmente usar lagily and incessantly, optando una vez mas por la frase aliterativa y quiza porque lazily enfatizaria aun mas el rechazo por parte del sujeto.
And the federal authority in Islamabad seems to have obliterated them from its mind just forgetfully.
Graham juggled his DJ-ing with a job at British Gas in Solihull - sometimes forgetfully wearing eyeliner at work.
The scholarly culture at the end of such a trend is one of abominable idolgazing: the performative obsession with what works to achieve distorted numerical indicators and forgetfully indifferent to questions of ultimate truth or justice.
Baroness Thatcher, played by Meryl Streep in the film, is seen ranting and repeating herself forgetfully with shaking hands and later asking herself "are you unwell?