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forge 1

1. A furnace or hearth where metals are heated or wrought; a smithy.
2. A workshop where pig iron is transformed into wrought iron.
v. forged, forg·ing, forg·es
a. To form (metal, for example) by heating in a forge and beating or hammering into shape.
b. To form (metal) by a mechanical or hydraulic press.
2. To give form or shape to, especially by means of careful effort: forge a treaty; forge a close relationship.
3. To fashion or reproduce for fraudulent purposes; counterfeit: forge a signature.
1. To work at a forge or smithy.
2. To make a forgery or counterfeit.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *faurga, from Latin fabrica, from faber, worker.]

forge′a·bil′i·ty n.
forge′a·ble adj.
forg′er n.

forge 2

intr.v. forged, forg·ing, forg·es
1. To advance gradually but steadily: forged ahead through throngs of shoppers.
2. To advance with an abrupt increase of speed: forged into first place with seconds to go.

[Probably from forge.]


1. (Metallurgy) the process of producing a metal component by hammering
2. (Metallurgy) the act of a forger
3. (Metallurgy) a metal component produced by this process
4. (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) the collision of a horse's hind shoe and fore shoe


(ˈfɔr dʒɪŋ, ˈfoʊr-)

1. an act or instance of forging.
2. something forged; a piece of forged work in metal.
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Noun1.forging - shaping metal by heating and hammeringforging - shaping metal by heating and hammering
formation, shaping - the act of fabricating something in a particular shape
References in classic literature ?
Moreover, the ship's forge was ordered to be hoisted out of its temporary idleness in the hold; and, to accelerate the affair, the blacksmith was commanded to proceed at once to the forging of whatever iron contrivances might be needed.
Chaudhry, et,al, has been worked on a new developments in the expert system COFEX,for process planning in the cold forging of flanged round steel hollows.
now maintains only casting and machining operations, having announced the sale of its Navasota, Texas, custom forging division.
and Sumitomo Corporation for the manufacture and sale of forged crankshafts in the United States, has decided to install the third forging press line to meet robust local demand.
He also explains that while there is also a cost advantage for powdered metal, "the cost differences are coming down because of near-net shape forging.
After beginning chapters on the history of steel forgings and reasons for their use, the book covers the effects of steel making, forging ingots, types of forging, heating for forging, post-forge practices, and machining.
CTI Molecular Imaging (Knoxville, TN), in a joint effort with Scot Forge (Spring Grove, IL) recently met both of these requirements by converting a cast component to a forging in the production of steel rings and hubs for its Eclipse Cyclotrons.
Further, flatware market leader Oneida, which doesn't have forging capabilities at its New York factories, recently introduced Ovations, a line of forged flatware the company is importing.
Forging is probably the most misused term in the industry today.
The powder-metal (P/M) forging process uses a rapid-prototyped part model, ceramic punches, and a hot press to transform powdered H13 or P20 steel into production-quality mold inserts.
The combination of hot and cold forging can significantly improve part quality and tolerances over hot forging alone.
com/research/5a5f5e/directory_of_forgi) has announced the addition of the "Directory of Forging Industry in India" directory to their offering.