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 (fər-gĭv′ĭng, fôr-)
1. Inclined or able to forgive.
2. Providing a margin for error or shortcomings.

for·giv′ing·ly adv.
for·giv′ing·ness n.
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Adv.1.forgivingly - with forgiveness; in a forgiving manner; "`Never mind,' she said forgivingly"
unforgivingly - without forgiveness; in an unforgiving manner; "unforgivingly, he insisted that she pay her debt to the last penny"
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She withdrew her arms and shoved him away, only to receive him forgivingly half a dozen seconds afterward.
Think of her wounded heart and her wasted life--and say to yourself forgivingly, She loves me
The doctor bowed to him assentingly and forgivingly .
We laugh at Englishmen, when we are at home, for sticking so sturdily to their national ways and customs, but we look back upon it from abroad very forgivingly.
But it's impossible for an old vagabond comrade to like your wife and family better than I like 'em, Mat, and I trust you'll look upon me as forgivingly as you can.
And as friends we may meet again, when time has taught you to think forgivingly of what has passed between us, to-night.
I thought you said to call you Dave," she chided forgivingly.
One last design element is worth mentioning; The TBT's tangent ogive takes rifling forgivingly and consistently, enabling the bullet to shoot accurately in a broad selection of different chamber throats and rifling types.
She is relieved of a burdensome secret that had been oppressing her and reassured of her place within a family willing to treat her generously and forgivingly.
This year, for example, it said it would look more forgivingly on prospective homebuyers whose employers or parents were helping pay down their student loans.