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 (fər-gĭv′ĭng, fôr-)
1. Inclined or able to forgive.
2. Providing a margin for error or shortcomings.

for·giv′ing·ly adv.
for·giv′ing·ness n.
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Noun1.forgivingness - tendency to be kind and forgiving
mercifulness, mercy - a disposition to be kind and forgiving; "in those days a wife had to depend on the mercifulness of her husband"
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forgivingness and patience), as well as reductions in negative affect.
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The tenth edition of the annual summer festival includes, inter alia, lectures, symposia, training workshops and cinema soirees; all aim to promote the sense of community, tolerance and forgivingness," he added.
If Namaz (a prayer which Muslim offer five times a day) helps in learning discipline in life, purifies souls and body, similarly fasting makes us learn patience, forgivingness in life where a Zakat (an amount compulsory for every Muslims to give to needy if they possess gold, cash and property) gives the message that serving humanity, help the needy is the probably the main aim of human life.
Forgivingness attitude (Al a'fw) At workplace states to bearing and leaving the burden of guilt and interchanging evil with good towards those who have insulted them in order to gain pleasure of Allah; Belief in Allah (Iman bil-lah) At the workplace suggests being devoted on Allahs path whilst motivated to achieve executive goals and objectives and constant Remembrance of Allah (Dhikrullah) at workplace by an employee in orders to strength the link with Allah and if one makes decision in the workplace could be based on the will of Allah (Ali, 2005).
Haji Ashraf termed the truce between both families a good omen for the area and said our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had also stressed on forgivingness and putting aside differences for a peaceful society.
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Nonetheless, that a theory has to appeal to the forgivingness of interpreters to explain away countervailing linguistic data should be regarded as a cost to the theory, if not a decisive one.