(of food, esp. meat) cooked so that it can be cut or pierced easily with a fork.
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Each batch of Boar's Head Hummus starts with premium ingredients, including steaming chickpeas until they're fork-tender, and carefully blending in sea salt, olive oil, tahini, and a unique combination of savory spices.
Finally, add the cream, crab meat, parsley and the fish fillets and simmer until the fish is fork-tender, This recipe serves 4 and is best accompanied by grilled vegetables and a glass of whatever chardonnay is left over from the recipe.
Cover the pan and cook in the preheated oven for 3 hours or until the oxtail is fork-tender.
Since it's unlikely that I'll find cloudberries to make jam with in Cairo, I decided to make hasselback potatoes, the baked potato of Sweden, crispy on the outside and fork-tender in the center, served aside a veal roast, as I think back to the short-term friend I had, who moved away before sealing friendships for life, who taught us about the grown-up world of food and men.
For the artichokes: Simmer artichokes in water until fork-tender,
Black Forest ham made from premium muscle that provides fork-tender texture, it has a suggested retail price of $9.
The perfect smoky flavor and fork-tender texture of this holiday goose is the result of a technique developed over several years by Schiltz Foods, Inc.
Another diner chose the "one meat, two veggie" plate of fork-tender shreds of roast beef, fresh and still slightly crisp green beans and fluffy mashed potatoes from the cafeteria-style buffet.
To finish cooking, proceed with the basic "Five steps" directions by bringing the cooled potatoes to a boil, and simmering until fork-tender, about 5 minutes at a simmer.
Punch the eight-hour time clock for fork-tender stews while you're out and about.