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n. pl. for·mal·i·ties
1. The quality or condition of being formal.
2. Rigorous or ceremonious adherence to established forms, rules, or customs.
3. An established form, rule, or custom, especially one followed merely for the sake of procedure or decorum.
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Noun1.formalities - a requirement of etiquette or custom; "a mere formality"
ceremonial, ceremonial occasion, ceremony, observance - a formal event performed on a special occasion; "a ceremony commemorating Pearl Harbor"
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The circumstances of Blanche Stroeve's death necessitated all manner of dreadful formalities, but at last we were allowed to bury her.
With these formalities was born the Clan Torn, which grew in a few years to number a thousand men, and which defied a king's army and helped to make Simon de Montfort virtual ruler of England.
said Mr Pluck, looking round; 'you hear the unimpeachable testimony of my friend Pyke--that reminds me,-- formalities, formalities, must not be neglected in civilised society.
But as for my duties here, inquiries and all such formalities .
All the formalities have been gone through; the inquiry is already made.
You have indeed, squire," said the lady, "delivered your message with all the formalities such messages require; rise up, for it is not right that the squire of a knight so great as he of the Rueful Countenance, of whom we have heard a great deal here, should remain on his knees; rise, my friend, and bid your master welcome to the services of myself and the duke my husband, in a country house we have here.
There were few formalities observed in approaching the Martian chieftain.
KARACHI -- Supreme Court (SC) has remarked verbal divorce does not take place without meeting legal formalities.
Levies force reached the site and shifted the bodies to nearby hospital for legal formalities.
A-section police shifted the body to civil hospital for legal formalities.
The police official said investigations were under way and the bodies were handed over to the families after legal formalities.
Pakistan High Commissioner has also been advised to complete all formalities to provide evidence as soon as possible and said no negligence will be tolerated.