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Any of several frequency regions of relatively great intensity in a sound spectrum, which together determine the characteristic quality of a vowel sound.

[German, from Latin fōrmāns, fōrmant-, present participle of fōrmāre, to form, from fōrma, form.]
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(General Physics) acoustics phonetics any of several frequency ranges within which the partials of a sound, esp a vowel sound, are at their strongest, thus imparting to the sound its own special quality, tone colour, or timbre
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(ˈfɔr mənt)

one of the regions of concentration of energy, prominent on a sound spectrogram, that collectively constitute the frequency spectrum of a speech sound.
[1900–05; < German (1894)]
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Les acces menant a plusieurs lycees publics ont ete bloques par des eleves formant des chaines humaines et portant des masques a gaz, des casques et des lunettes de protection pour se proteger des gaz lacrymogenes et, dans un lycee, ils ont fait de meme avec la statue de Sun Yat-sen, grande figure politique qui avait proclame la Republique chinoise en 1912, en l'affublant de lunettes et d'un masque a gaz.
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Fundamental frequencies (F0), formant frequencies of F1, F2, F3, and F4, and vowel durations for Turkish vowels were measured before (T0) and after (T1) the RME.
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The vocal track can be modeled according to a resonance tube model known as formant frequency.
(Note: For this discussion, resonance frequencies of the vocal tract will be equated with formant frequencies, even though measured formant frequencies are sometimes only approximations of resonance frequencies.)
Fundamental speech features, namely, prosodic features (i.e., speed, energy, zero-crossing rate (ZCR), and pitch) and quality features (i.e., formant), are extracted to recognize emotions in speech.
Jusqu'en 1964, c'est surtout le maitre Tran Huy Phong (1938-1997) qui se charge du developpement du vovinam en formant dans la clandestinite un grand nombre de maitres et en continuant a reformer l'enseignement de ce sport.
Methods: Ten speech signal features--six prosody features, formant bandwidth and amplitude, and two spectral features--were assessed using 15-minute speech samples obtained by smartphone from 26 inpatients with chronic schizophrenia (at enrollment and 1 week later) and from 30 healthy controls (at enrollment only).