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The anionic univalent CHO2 group derived from formic acid, or a compound containing this group.


(Chemistry) any salt or ester of formic acid containing the ion HCOO or the group HCOO–
[C19: from form(ic) + -ate1]


(ˈfɔr meɪt)

a salt or ester of formic acid.
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We aim to tackle the shortcoming of previous technologies by using completely soluble formate as a mediator between electrical current and living cells.
JPC11 is activated with a dose of sodium formate, a substance found in organisms including stinging nettles and ants, and targets the metabolic process which causes cancer cells to multiply.
All reactions were taken place in refluxing ethyl formate (54 AdegC) under mild reaction conditions.
The agreement includes the Neo, TMP and TMPDE as well as the associated Formate businesses located at the Vercelli site in Italy.
Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Cabot Corporation is a specialty chemicals and performance materials company that provides rubber and specialty carbons, activated carbon, inkjet colorants, cesium formate drilling fluids, fumed silica as well as aerogel.
In addition, considering low toxicity and cost, calcium chloride or calcium formate is good choice as a porogen rather than gallium chloride (Ga[Cl.
However, in their search for amino acids, the scientists stumbled onto a substance called ethyl formate.
Perstorp has acquired the pentaerythritol, pent and calcium formate businesses from Chemko a.
About 110 papers discuss such aspects as the evolution of giant molecular clouds in nearby galaxies, from large scale surveys of the galaxy to high resolution observations with ALMA, molecular gas properties and star formation in interacting galaxies, a study on the excitation mechanism of methyl formate in Orion KL using transitions in the vibrational excited states, and test observation of a new 100 GHz wave-band four-beam receiver system on the Nobeyama 45-meter telescope.
The metabolites of anaerobic fungi have so far been reported as formate, acetate, lactate, ethanol, succinate, C[O.
ISLAMABAD -- Election Commission on Wednesday vowing to implement constitutional articles 62 and 63 of the constitution underlined that a meeting will be held to finalize the nomination paper formate on Thursday.