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The anionic univalent CHO2 group derived from formic acid, or a compound containing this group.


(Chemistry) any salt or ester of formic acid containing the ion HCOO or the group HCOO–
[C19: from form(ic) + -ate1]


(ˈfɔr meɪt)

a salt or ester of formic acid.
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In addition, recent findings on the advantages of including organic acids in animal feed has created new opportunities for calcium formate producers in the field of animal nutrition.
The potassium formate market in North America is foreseen to maintain significant value shares through 2029, further trailed by Europe.
Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the company is a provider of rubber and specialty carbons, activated carbon, inkjet colorants, cesium formate drilling fluids, masterbatches and conductive compounds, fumed silica and aerogel.
This global specialty chemicals and performance materials company is said to be a leading provider of rubber and specialty carbons, activated carbon, inkjet colorants, cesium formate drilling fluids, fumed silica and aerogel.
'The students are directed to send their essay before June 28 (current month), through PDF formate on E-mail ( and lt; and gt;,' it added.
JPC11 is activated with a dose of sodium formate, a substance found in organisms including stinging nettles and ants, and targets the metabolic process which causes cancer cells to multiply.
In particular, the coupling between semiconductors and biomimetic complexes (i.e., hydrogenase, formate dehydrogenases, and carbon monoxide dehydrogenases mimics) may reveal to be an efficient strategy for aiding the C[O.sub.2] reduction, improving the current solar fuel technologies and stimulating the applications of these devices.
Although the sequence of phase transformation of aluminum hydroxides has been well described [9], the formation of alumina from metalorganic compounds such as aluminum formate has not been completely studied.
All reactions were taken place in refluxing ethyl formate (54 AdegC) under mild reaction conditions.
The agreement includes the Neo, TMP and TMPDE as well as the associated Formate businesses located at the Vercelli site in Italy.
In general, methanogens only utilize a limited number of substrates for methanogenesis, such as C[O.sub.2]; [H.sub.2]; formate; methyl-group containing compounds such as methylamines, methylsulfides, and methanol; acetate; and a few low molecular weight alcohols.