Snugly fitting the contours of the body: formfitting jeans.


(Clothing & Fashion) figure-hugging


(ˈfɔrmˌfɪt ɪŋ)

designed to fit snugly around a given shape; close-fitting: a formfitting blouse.
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He stood tall, at least 6-foot-3, perhaps 220 pounds and certainly muscular, wearing a formfitting tan coloured uniform, boots and gloves.
Before Megan donned her coat, her formfitting dress barely revealed a bump as they were welcomed at the first event of the day at the Sydney Harbor-side mansion where the two are staying.
"When I'm shopping, I look for things that help with my lines but work for partnering, too." While that usually means a leotard and tights, Adamo likes adding formfitting pants and insulated shirts to keep warm.
The photo Duff and her beau shared was also the first one to show off the singer-actress' baby bump as she's seen wearing a formfitting maxi dress in it.
They entered the scanner barefooted and in formfitting bright colour underwear.
This vibrant dress from Star by Julien Macdonald will inject bold colour into a formal line-up with a flattering, formfitting style, nipped-in waist and a halter neckline.
Kennedy and Decker were responsible for at least some of the innovations that transitioned baseball from formfitting to flexible padded gloves.
Former Miss World Rosanna Davison looked every inch the supermodel in a formfitting black gown which showed off her ample assets.
She often wears formfitting, flamboyant outfits in her videos, which have also featured such visual non sequiturs as a disco ball and dancers in rabbit heads.
Shell-type transformers allow for compact design, low energy losses and high seismic capacity due to their formfitting design.
The sock-like Flyknit, though, is virtually seamless and incredibly formfitting. In the four years that have passed since its launch, the shoe has become ubiquitous.
He will be mixing soft and hard looks with loose and formfitting silhouettes to make the trend work.