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n. pl. for·mi·car·ies
A nest of ants; an anthill.

[Medieval Latin formīcārium, from Latin formīca, ant.]


(ˈfɔːmɪkərɪ) or


n, pl -caries or -caria (-ˈkɛərɪə)
(Zoology) less common names for ant hill
[C19: from Medieval Latin formīcārium see formic]


(ˈfɔr mɪˌkɛr i)

n., pl. -car•ies.
an ant nest.
[1810–20; < Latin formīc(a) ant + -ary]

formicary, formicarium

the dwelling of a colony of ants, as an anthill or nest.
See also: Ants
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Noun1.formicary - a mound of earth made by ants as they dig their nestformicary - a mound of earth made by ants as they dig their nest
hammock, hillock, hummock, knoll, mound - a small natural hill
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A formicary is the nest or dwelling of which insect?
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 5, 2016-Accenture Closes Acquisition of Trading Systems Integration Specialist Formicary
ACA takes full advantage of the ants' group ability that ants can find the shortest route from formicary to food by information transmission between individuals.
To me, it particularly occurs that his remarks show that some aspects of Oyekan's work that resemble the structure of a formicary, recall a specific side of our 'memories' about earth; that is, making something using it, living in and with it and the comfort and pleasure it brings.
Gavin Adam, head of product management at IT solutions provider Formicary Collaboration Group, says that many more financial apps will appear on the market soon.
Another type of pitting corrosion rarely found in marine refrigeration systems is formicary corrosion, which forms on refrigerant copper pipelines and heating cooling coils.
Formicary (also called "ant nest") corrosion of copper tubing is well known and occurs when a corrosive agent such as carboxylic acid (manufacturing residue) reacts with the copper (I) oxide according to the reaction mechanism (Corbett 2000):
The formicary becomes a miniature reflection of life at Bredely Hall.
Noel told him "ants" was the right answer to: "What creatures live in a formicary?"
Instead of an aquarium, she's got herself a formicary. That's where you keep your ants.