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tr.v. for·mu·lized, for·mu·liz·ing, for·mu·liz·es
To formulate.

for′mu·li·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
for′mu·liz′er n.
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There formulization into corporate farms and provision of high milk yield breed of dairy animals would make a solution of these problem.
Hence, formulization of RCEP will have far reaching implications, impact and consequences on the very spirit of WTO and its survival.
He distinguishes between specification groups which agree to promote an industry standard, research consortia with the main intent of creating and developing a technical solution and strategic consortia which focus on the adoption of a technology or the formulization of a yet informal common practice (UPDEGROVE, 1995).
Pakistan has played an active role in SAARC for formulization of the processes towards setting up food bank and supporting other regional arrangements including South Asia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA).
Style requires formulization, which means repetitiveness, and in the apparent randomness of battlefield death, there is no style possible.
The combination of both these methodologies aid in the formulization of empirical generalizations, which in turn support the role of theory building in Africana Studies.