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With this easy to handle measuring system the earliest possible time of formwork striking, ideal time for stressing operations is obtained with amazing accuracy.
Those who operate in the scaffold and formwork sectors will tell you that there is little glamour in what they do.
Although being seen as the "bright spot" in the regional construction industry reflects well on the city, its appeal as a market is said to be posing as a challenge to companies in the formwork sector.
Here are some of the innovations in the formwork industry.
A leader in concrete formwork technology, the company will showcase wall, slab and climbing solutions, plus engineering, field support, pre-assembly and project management services.
Manama: Germany's international provider of formwork systems, Paschal Group, will introduce their latest range of concrete formwork at gulfBID 2016.
The company also offers construction services in wall and slab formwork, shoring systems, scaffolding and safety equipment for a wide range of infrastructure, residential, commercial and industrial projects.
Therefore, it is important for the local industry players to play a vital role in adopting a concrete steel formwork technology towards elimanating these negative and destructive aspects.
Liverpool-based Formwork Direct International provides construction companies with a full formwork and falsework and scaffolding services, supplying and hiring out equipment used to mould and set concrete foundations and all concrete walls and slabs alike.
Among the various technologies currently available in the market, formwork plays an important role in achieving the objectives of quality, speed and cost efficiency.
Summary: DUBAI -- Doka, the formwork technology leader from Austria, said it grew more than the industry rate despite difficult market conditions and next year is expected to be better than 2011, regional manager for Middle East 
Peter Vogel said.