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The univalent carbonyl-containing group HCO, characteristic of aldehydes.

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(Chemistry) (modifier) of, consisting of, or containing the monovalent group HCO-: a formyl group or radical.
[C19: from form(ic) + -yl]
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The PCT patent publication, WO2003083063, discloses naphthalene analogues as ligand mimics and bi-ligands for receptors such as kinases, dehydrogenases, oxidoreductases, GTPases, carboxyl transferases, decarboxylases, transferases, formyl transferases and [alpha]-ketodecarboxylases.
formyl methionine and is designed to support and promote cellular energy
The formate is then transported to cytoplasm where its condensation with THF in an ATP dependent environment takes place and 10 Formyl THF is resulted (Caudill and Stover, 2008).
IR spectra (cm-1) of the formulated derivatives 14a-b showed 3336 for NH and 1645 C=O groups, while1H NMR showed the proton of the formyl group at [delta] 9.10 and 9.30 for 14a and 14 b, respectively.
The use of formic acid promoted the decrease of pH because in alkali conditions it formed formyl and hydroxy-formyl radicals, which reacted with silicates to form stable products [40, 41].
[103] synthesized an immuno-chemotherapeutic Pt(IV) prodrug using a formyl peptide receptor (FPR) 1/2 peptide combined with cisplatin (Figure 16(57-61)).
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Among peptide inhibitors of the uPAR system, a tetrapeptide named UPARANT, designed to mimic the amino acid sequence through which uPAR binds its interactors in the cellular membrane, including the formyl peptide receptors (FPRs), displays resistance to enzymatic digestion, high stability in blood and plasma, and optimal effectiveness as a uPAR inhibitor [9].
"We expected to find carbon monoxide and silicon monoxide, since we had previously detected these molecules." The astronomers, however, were excited to find the previously undetected molecules formyl cation (HCO+) and sulfur monoxide (SO).
Formyl peptides and cleavage products of bacterial or mitochondrial proteins, as well as other bacterial products, serve as powerful chemoattractants for both the neutrophils and monocytes that emigrate from alveoli [64].
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