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 (fôr-so͞oth′, fər-)
In truth; indeed.

[Middle English forsoth, from Old English forsōth : for, for; see for + sōth, truth; see sooth.]


archaic in truth; indeed
[Old English forsōth]



adv. Archaic.
in truth; in fact; indeed.
[before 900; Middle English forsothe, Old English forsōth. See for, sooth]
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Adv.1.forsooth - an archaic word originally meaning `in truth' but now usually used to express disbelief


[fəˈsuːθ] (archaic or hum)
A. ADVen verdad
B. EXCL forsooth!¡caramba!
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491 d: And the author of "The Astronomy", which is attributed forsooth to Hesiod, always calls them (the Pleiades) Peleiades: `but mortals call them Peleiades'; and again, `the stormy Peleiades go down'; and again, `then the Peleiades hide away.
I am not to see, forsooth, that no man does me an injury, or breaks into my home--I am not to take care that all shall go well with me, or that I have clothes to wear, or that my shoes do not require mending, or that I be given work to do, or that I possess sufficient meat and drink?
She had officiated as nurse to Miss Bridget, in a violent fit of illness, and had sat up many nights with that lady; besides which, she had been seen there the very day before Mr Allworthy's return, by Mrs Wilkins herself, though that sagacious person had not at first conceived any suspicion of her on that account: for, as she herself said, "She had always esteemed Jenny as a very sober girl (though indeed she knew very little of her), and had rather suspected some of those wanton trollops, who gave themselves airs, because, forsooth, they thought themselves handsome.
Now look, for instance, at the way they serve dogs, cutting off their tails to make them look plucky, and shearing up their pretty little ears to a point to make them both look sharp, forsooth.
But then it must be stated If not it would inflame The ghosts of yesteryear For it was yesteryear's jewel For surely being forsooth to say Former beauty must be given for it seeks a powerful loving renewal So if you walk down Bluebell Lane Take time to stand and stare The past and the present merge into one Given a gift like this - let us preserve this very ancient thoroughfare by Delia Skelhorn
Bike is totalled Three time Tour de France winner Chris Froome is rammed by a hit and run driver There'll be no more holding hands with Donald Trump Jeremy Corbyn sets out his foreign policy It's not scary anymore, because you realise that over the hill, there's all those other hills and a lot of beautiful meadows and things Hollywood veteran Jane Fonda offers a romantic assessment of ageing Forsooth.
Daborn, who of a stage playmaker, and of a pedling Atturney was made a Minister, and forsooth a preacher of the word.
There is to be nothing individual in it; and this, forsooth, is the wonder of the age .
Why now, Pierre, Because, forsooth, thou art our neighbour's son, Must 1 be bound to dance with thee at will?
Why else would you support the central bank, forsooth, aiming to impose a price level target on innocent people?
Later in life, on her first trip to Paris, she fell out with one of her female travelling companions, complaining, "her whole conduct towards me has been just that of a silly illnatured spoiled girl of thirteen who thought forsooth because her father was a General and mine a marchent she ought of course to be my Lady mistress" (HNL/129/35).
He makes his brag forsooth, that he is follow'd / By all the women; though he is the jest / Of all, wher'er he goes' (Brag 2.