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A whitish or yellowish form of the mineral olivine, Mg2SiO4, in which the mafic component consists entirely of magnesium.

[After Adolarius Jacob Forster (1739-1806), English mineral collector.]


(Minerals) a white, yellow, or green mineral of the olivine group consisting of magnesium silicate. Formula: Mg2SiO4
[C19: named after J. R. Forster (1729–98), German naturalist]
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Chromium forsterite laser crystal
Measuring mineral dissolution kinetics using on-line flow-through time resolved analysis (FT-TRA): an exploratory study with forsterite.
Large gem-quality forsterite (peridot) crystals appear to grow from hydrous fluids along tension gashes in igneous dunite bodies.
Cubic zirconia (CZ) best known as a diamond substitute, is now being produced to look like tanzanite, as are other manufactured materials such as laboratory-grown forsterite, coranite, tanavyte, corundum garnet and spinel.
Typical minerals found in lamproite rocks include forsterite, leucite, phlogopite, and iron-rich sanidine.
It is a white to reddish-brown coarse-grained rock composed of calcite, dolomite, Ti-clinohumite, forsterite, diopside, accessory clinochlore, muscovite, fluorapatite and shining flakes of graphite.
Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) is one of the novel bio-ceramics that is used in tissue engineering, specially in bone tissue.
In addition, greenish-brownish forsterite occurs together with accessory dolomite, but is mostly serpentinized (Kfibek 1988).
As melting proceeds, forsterite and NiO contents of olivine, Mg# of pyroxene, and Cr # of spinel increases, and Al2O3 contents of the residual spinel and pyroxene and of the whole rock decreases (Dick and Bullen, 1984; Ohara et al.
According to scientists, the crystals are in the form of forsterite and belong to the olivine family of silicate minerals.
Over the period of three decades the company has to its credit development of many proprietary ceramic formulations in Aluminium Oxide, Zirconium Oxide, Forsterite, Steatite, etc.